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Insulated Lunch Bag

Great Lunch Bag Tutorial

I wanted to share this great lunch bag tutorial that I have made again and again for myself, family and friends. It’s from the blog of ZaaBerry, a US crafter...

A collage of my hand-printed cards

Hand printing cards

Taking a break from sewing, crocheting and other textile based crafts I decided to try my hand at card making! I had some cards left over from when I had...

Maternity t-shirt with the caption "I am so crafty I make people"

Maternity t-shirt stylings

Ah maternity t-shirts. So many lovely ideas on Pinterest for slogans and designs, and yet so few places to buy from. My internet choices were to get something shipped from...

collage of the jeans maternity skirt conversion

Jeans to skirt upcycle- with added maternity benefits!

You know the feeling; your favourite and most comfiest jeans have finally got a hole in them and are looking just too scraggly to be a pair that is fit...

Fruit buttons - watermelon and strawberry

Happy fruit!

My latest crafting activities have proved… fruitful with the creation of these happy little buttons. I have used 29mm metal buttons and designed my own cross-stitch patterns to produce these...

Mug cosy - Heart mug

Mug cosies for a cuddly cuppa

I love snuggling up with a nice cup of tea in the colder months, or after a hard day, or when sitting down to be crafty, or when watching TV... Mug cosies are a nice way of keeping your tea warm (I think they do anyway, I haven't tested with a thermometer I have to say) and adding a bit of flair to a boring old mug (that is, the mug with the tea in it, not my face...)

Green Bracelet

Discovering Broomstick Lace

I love to learn about new crafting techniques - broomstick lace being one of them! It's great for bracelets, headbands, or adding a feature row to a larger project.