Me Craftigem is about rediscovering the joy of handmade. I like to make and design useable, lovable, playable and beautiful things and inspire and empower others to do the same. For crafters new and established, young and old, I’ll be here to nurture your talents and help you explore your creative outlets.

The Gem part of craftigem is me (hello!). I live in Oldham, UK and started being a crafty person in 2012 when my husband bought me a wonderful hamper full of wool, crochet needles and a book on crocheting cute amigurumi friends. Since then I have been crocheting, knitting, cross-stitching and sewing to my heart’s content and creating patterns people will love to love, as well as exploring all sorts of other crafts!

Making things with my own two hands gives me such a wonderful sense of achievement and a huge confidence boost that has really helped my sense of well-being and helped me to level out my emotions and my mental health during stressful and difficult times. If I can help others feel the benefit of crafting I’ll have achieved my vision!