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Hand printing cards

A collage of my hand-printed cards
A collage of my hand-printed cards
A collage of my hand-printed cards

Taking a break from sewing, crocheting and other textile based crafts I decided to try my hand at card making! I had some cards left over from when I had made the invitations for my wedding a few years ago, that had been languishing unloved in a box for some time. I was having my usual casual potter through the aisles of Hobbycraft one weekend when I saw they had a sale on ink pads and stamps, remembered the cards and thought I’d give stamping a go!

I bought a stamp set of small alphabet letters, a black ink pad and another ink pad that had various colours in it. I’m a big fan of simple cards with cute messages and random thoughts on them, and thought I’d create some simple characters with the basic phrasing “I like…” leaving the card blank inside so they can be used for any purpose- birthdays, thank you’s, keep in touch etc. I used my finger to stamp a colour in the middle of the card and drew my characters around it in black ink. Then I got creative with their messages!

Here is a little collage of the results. They have gone down really well with family and friends, especially when doing bespoke Ines based on their own interests! Which character is your favourite?

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